A downloadable vibe for Windows and macOS

ALIENS from the planet Stresstria have commenced an attack on your vibes. Thankfully, your planet has built a powerful defense system: several extremely chill bases have been established to put out radical time-warping energies. The blissful people of Vibulon are prepared to groove to save their cities. 

As vibe commander it is your responsibility to protect and defend four cities on the planet of Vibulon. The Stresstrians have begun sending their ships straight towards your cities to harsh their mellow. Your only defense is to vibe back with hip rings of meditative flow, pushing them back and into one another to save your planet. Good luck, soldier!!!!!!!

Music interpolates "Canyon Sunset" from Chris Remo's Firewatch OST.

Prototype created in 2 weeks for Action Games Studio - Fall 2019 with professor Gabe Cuzzillo.

Jam prompt: It's like ____ but ____ (It's like missile command but chill)


Vibe Command MAC.zip 32 MB
Vibe Command WINDOWS.zip 30 MB

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