A downloadable instrument for macOS

This is an interactive instrument made with FMOD for my Audio for Digital Games final. I performed with this instrument by connecting my laptop to an external looper. 

It was inspired by the wintry sounds and domestic intimacy of Björk's album Vespertine. The project loosely follows the narrative of the album, with the protagonist making music out of household objects while alone in their home. 

All of the sounds are manipulated recordings from my home combined with synthesis. 

Future plans for this project might include replacing each orb with a 3D model of a household object and arranging them out on a table, building a looper into the audio system, and creating an end state when the partner returns home.

Install instructions

macif you get an "unidentified developer" pop-up :

  • ctrl+click or right-click on the app and select "open"


HiddenPlace.zip 31 MB

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